Frequently Asked Questions

What is virgin hair?
Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically processed or altered in any way and therefore has intact cuticles. The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft and acts as a protective barrier. Processing includes coloring, bleaching, or using any substance that changes the structure of the hair cuticle or the hair’s inner layers. Hair can be styled using moisture and low temperature techniques and still be considered virgin hair.

Virgin hair looks healthier and shinier, and feels softer and lasts longer. Virgin hair is perfect for coloring, perming, or straightening, without losing any of its natural vitality.

How much hair comes on each weft?
Because wefts are sold by weight (usually 3.5-4 ounces), the amount of hair on each weft depends on the actual length of the hair and the type of weft. As a general rule, the longer the hair, the thinner the weft.

How long does RO MORGAN HAIR last?
Our hair can last six months to one year, with proper care and maintenance. Our textures can be removed and reinstalled, as long as your stylist exercises care and patience while removing it.

What color does RO MORGAN HAIR come in?
Our virgin natural hair comes in natural dark brown which is slightly lighter than a 1B in color and darker than a 2. Because our virgin hair is completely natural, we can’t guarantee a specific and have a stylist custom color your hair.

Can my RO MORGAN HAIR be colored?
RO MORGAN HAIR has never been chemically processed or altered in any way and can therefore handle coloring very well.

Which hair care products work best with RO MORGAN HAIR?
Just as you do with your own hair, you should use moisturizing, alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner. If you want to keep the hair soft and manageable, conditioning is important. Use a deep conditioner once a week. Avoid oily or heavy styling products. If you are using hair spray or gel to maintain curls, make sure you wash it out often because, over time, those hair products can make your hair appear limp and oily.

How should I treat my RO MORGAN HAIR at night?
Make sure your hair is completely dry when you go to bed. Braid your hair in large loose braids, pin curl, set on flexi rods, or comb and brush your hair into a wrap around your head and cover with a silk scarf every night before bed.

Can I go swimming with my RO MORGAN HAIR?
Yes, but you might want to braid your hair or pull it into a ponytail before you go swimming to prevent tangles. Make sure you spray a leave-in conditioner before you submerge your hair under the water.  Wash the hair afterward and make sure it is well conditioned. We recommend using a leave-in conditioner when you get out of the water to keep the hair soft and manageable.

Can the Perfect Curl texture be straightened?
Yes. All of our textures can be straightened.

How often should I care for my RO MORGAN HAIR?
Virgin hair requires almost the same amount of care you would give to your own hair to keep a polished appearance. You need to shampoo at least once a week, sometimes more if you use a lot of hair products. If you maintain your virgin hair extension properly, you will have sleek, smooth, tangle-free, and beautiful natural-looking hair up to one year.

How does shipping work?
All payments are processed via PayPal, you will also receive a notice once your order has shipped.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. If your hair is not in stock, we will advise you immediately. PAYMENTS ARE MADE VIA PAYPAL. All hair orders placed by 3pm will ship the same day Monday- Friday if it’s in stock. Orders placed after 3pm will ship the following business day. 

United States Shipping (Monday – Fridays only) We do not ship on weekends or National Holidays.

Fed-Ex Standard Overnight – $30
Fed-Ex 2nd Day Delivery – $20
Fed-Ex 3rd Day Delivery – $10

International shipping
USPS (United States Postal Service) – $40 Delivery takes 4-7 business days.
Fed-Ex International – $65 Delivery takes 3-4 business days.